Internet Marketing During A Pandemic

In marketing, you could say there’s a before and after the pandemic.

Why do we think that? 

Well, businesses have always needed advertising to make sales, but some were reluctant to use internet marketing and were still relying on traditional methods like word of mouth and physical marketing (posters, Billboards, leaflets)

Now, due to the circumstances, having an online presence, or better said a strong online presence is everything. It means survival.

How has internet marketing changed as a result of the pandemic?

The world was already heading to use the internet for all aspects of life but the pandemic has accelerated the process a great deal. People are stuck at home and depending on the internet not only to entertain but to meet their basic needs in every sense, something that is reflected in the massive increase in internet usage.  

With little time to make the change and adapt, every day more and more businesses are joining the internet club without looking back.

Understanding that your shop needs to be an online shop because that’s where the people’s at, is the only way to staying up-to-date. 

The good news is that embracing the change, even if your business is a total brick and mortar it’s possible! 

How digital marketing helps businesses

Does the massive internet use mean that online businesses now just have to relax and reap what they sow? It’s undeniable they’ve been the ones ahead of the game, but more competition online has caused a need for strengthening efforts, carrying marketing campaigns that set them apart, and do as much as possible to bring value and stand out. 

Small businesses have noticed that there’s low organic traffic to their sites, which seemed surprising because people are now online more than ever. 

But think about this: If you customers were only used to having physical interactions with your business and now you’re not in touch, you don’t reinforce the importance of what you do for them, and your business doesn’t have a marketing strategy to ensure you are in top of mind, then, it’s certain they’ll lose interest and could even forget about you altogether. 

After working hard to build a loyal customer base for months, years, or even decades you cannot give in and let them go. 

That’s where digital marketing comes into place to help your business remain relevant in your customers’ lives and get a bigger reach to attract new clients.  

In addition, another helpful way to increase the exposure of your business is to build an interactive space through social media and a user-friendly web design where you’ll encourage feedback to boost engagement and interaction with your brand. If your business provides an agreeable experience from beginning to end people will be back time after time. 

Internet marketing during the pandemic cannot be viewed as merely publishing and posting, keep in mind that open communication, which was already a constant trend is now imperative. 

Don’t be afraid to advertise and do remarketing if you want to keep your customers, a.k.a. Your source of revenue!

What we’ll see after the pandemic? 

Opening your doors again cannot equal neglecting your business’ internet presence, rather, maintain a strong internet marketing strategy will result in building a true long-term connection with customers and developing brand awareness resulting in loyalty. 

If you are a local business it might be the case that soon you’ll start seeing in real-life customers that you acquired online now, and that will be the perfect opportunity to show how great you are offline as well.  

The world is online now, and so should be your business. Internet marketing will only become more valuable as time goes on. To survive and thrive.